SSI Schaefer Pallet Live Storage

  • SSI Schaefer Pallet Live Storage

Working on the principle of "parts to the picker", the Live Storage system provides excellent volume utilization on First-In First-Out (FIFO) principle.

Speed reduction units control the speed of pallets, and prevent line build up and pressure, automatic offload separation gates and entry guides ensure ease of operation.

As each lane can be used to store different commodities, more picking faces are available than with Drive-in.Standard Euro designed pallets can be used on full width rollers. For non-standard pallet sizes, either high-density roller or multi track systems can be provided.

Facts about Pallet Live Storage Racking System :

  • Ideal for high cost environment e.g.: Cold Stores
  • Excellent stock rotation by using FIFO principle
  • Good order picking; Fast Picking rate
  • Good Floor area utilization - 60% net pallet area usage of overall warehouse area
  • Live storage systems require good and consistent quality pallets, [sometimes captive or slave pallets are used if quality of pallets received vary]
  • Redundancy rate depends on the pallet depth against socks held, it is important that during initial survey the number of each pallet types to be stored are assessed to arrive at the optimum lane length.
  • Systems can be designed to 20 + pallets in depth but the required gradient is approximately 4% which must be taken into consideration when designing on load height
  • By using on load and off load face the MH equipment can operate at maximum efficiency
  • Mechanical Handling Equipment: Counter Balance/ Reach Truck