SSI Schaefer Drive In/Drive Through Racking

  • SSI Schaefer Drive In/Drive Through Racking

SSI Schaefer develops individual raised storage area platforms according to your special requirements.

System platforms made from cold and hot pressed steel can be quickly and easily erected. The system can be extended as necessary, both longitudinally and front-to-back.

These stand alone, raised storage areas, maximise unutilised storage space. Each is individually designed with staircase, rail, safety loading gates etc.

The flooring can be ply, chipboard or grate. Our in house design offers you a complete quality installation. Always use one of our pallet, safety gates on the mezzanine level.

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SCHAEFER Drive-In (SDI) racking offers customers high-density storage at extremely economical prices. The brainchild of the Asia/Pacific product development team, this latest Drive-In system encompasses safety, quality, originality and price competitiveness - all in one. These systems are particularly suited to the storage of very large quantities of the same product, for maximum storage capacity, using the minimum amount of space. Picking and replenishment is facilitated by means of conventional forklift trucks, which can drive into the racks.

Although immediate access to every product is not possible, drive-in racking plays a major role in modern warehouses. This racking is normally used by food and non-food industries, especially for goods in high quantities but low variety, like fruit, fruit juices, care products etc. When considering drive-in racking, the design of the supports is essential for the installation. Drive-in racking is equipped with floor guide rails to protect the uprights and serve as guidance for the forklift truck driver.

Advantages of drive-through racking are that both sides of the racking can be used, if the racking unit is freestanding. It is possible for the forklift truck to drive through. Drive-through racking offers the advantage that picking and replenishment can take place independent of each other.

Advantages of drive-in racking are the maximum storage capacity whilst using the minimum amount of space. Picking and replenishment is done from one side.

The new SCHAEFER Drive-in System requires no arms or brackets; instead it uses a pair of rolled formed galvanized rails, bolted directly to the columns. The top rail level can exceed 10m ensuring maximum use of available headroom. The rolled rails, presenting a smooth clean surface are available up to 11982mm in length, and closed at the entry face with highly visual yellow lead in guide to facilitate the visibility and operation, are manufactured from high density polypropylene.

SCHAEFER engineers have been able to increase weight-loading values, providing a very competitive storage solution that fully complies with, the FEM 10.02.07 codes. Other system options include the Pallet Safety Back Stopper, a new design of floor channel and a range of spring mounted column post protectors.

An alternative to drive in racking may be the Schaefer Satellite System (SSS), remote storage/retrieval device that works perfectly, without the need for forklifts to enter racking.

Facts about Drive-In Pallet Racking System:

  • Limited Stock Rotation
  • Limited Order picking; 20-30% selectivity
  • Slow Picking rate
  • Good product protection
  • Average Floor area utilization - 60% net pallet area usage of overall warehouse area
  • Pallet redundancy can run as high as 30% if a wide range of different products are stored
  • This system is suited for batch manufacturing, or in warehouse operations where there are limited products types and pallets cannot be safely blocked stacked
  • Mechanical Handling Equipment: Counter Balance/ Reach Truck