SSI Schaefer Carton Live Storage

  • SSI Schaefer Carton Live Storage

SSI Schaefer’s “KDR” carton live storage systems are used in every sector of industry, where quick and easy access to items is required.

The ergonomic, spacesaving design and fast picking make the multiple lane live storage racking particularly economical. The stored goods roll automatically into an ideal picking position.

The “first-in/first- out” principle (FIFO) ensures that no outdated stock remains on the shelf. Live storage racking systems provide flexible and economical order picking and replenishment. The uprights of pallet racking & the stable flow bed construction are suitable for live storage racking. The flow beds can be placed in a variety of positions within the rack structure by means of adjustable clips.

These flow beds are fully assembled in a single unit and can be adjusted in terms of both inclination and height in small increments without using bolts. Secure rollers/dividing rails ensure a smooth movement of containers from the replenishment area to the picking face.

A combination of adjustable flow beds with flat beds and flow beds with tilted outlet chutes, that can be adjusted as required, provide an intelligent solution to every application. Designs can also incorporate live pallet storage on ground floor or multiple levels