Mesh Pallet Racking Shelves

  • Mesh Pallet Racking Shelves

MantaMESH enhances the flexibility of standard pallet racking. Available in a range of sizes to suit most rack types, it offers a host of advantages over conventional timber and chipboard shelves.

These include superior strength and durability, ease of handling and installation, and greater visibility of inventory. It is also a cleaner and more hygienic product than wood-based shelving, has a rounded, edge that prevents damage.

It is virtually maintenance-free, allowing light, dust, dirt & fire sprinkler spray to pass through. The open face design makes it particularly suitable for use in warehouses or facilities where fire regulations are an issue.

It is also ideal in temperature-controlled areas, such as cool-rooms and freezer environments, where condensation can freely drain away.

It incorporates uniquely profiled, galvanised steel cross bar supports for superior strength and performance & the panels easily drop into place without fixtures, fasteners or additional support bars.

There are 3 capacities: 1000kg with 4 supports, 600kg with 3 supports and 300kg capacity with 2 supports.

Standard panel sizes for pallet racking are 1250l x 840d mm for 2600 wide bays & 1350l x 840d mm for 2752 wide bays.

Mesh panels are available for other sizes, including our Interspan, long span, racking.