Infor Visual Quality

By LSA Australia

The most compelling reason to utilise any quality assurance system is to decrease the cost of goods sold and to increase earnings. 

VISUAL Quality Management is a comprehensive solution that will assist manufacturers to do just that.

It is an enterprise-wide software solution designed to address quality assurance issues within specific areas of your operation. You can establish, track, and manage quality systems criteria that fully support your industry standards and regulations.  VISUAL Quality can be deployed either as an integrated solution within VISUAL Enterprise or in a stand-alone configuration.

Through the use of VISUAL Quality you are able to create critical manufacturing specifications for products, processes, equipment, and measuring devices, and improve enterprise team collaboration with vendors, customers, and employees. VISUAL Quality provides the tools that help you automate associated design, pre-production, production, and post-production activities;  expertly manage business performance; and easily collect, control, and analyse quality system data.

VISUAL Quality Management supports a large number of standards and regulations together with tools specific to  the automotive industry.  It covers all facets of  Engineering & Product Management, Supply Chain Management and Workflow Tools.