Wilson Quik Adjust

By Sheetmetal Tooling Tech

Wilson Quik Adjust Fab Tooling Speed Setups
Wilson Quik Adjust helps you win the battle against downtime. Engineered for fast, shim-free adjustments, Quik Adjust spring packs significantly reduce downtime and are fully adjustable through a .250” (6.35mm) range for maximum grind life.

Fast and Easy Tool-free Adjustments.
Wilson’s innovative preloaded spring pack makes loading and unloading punches a snap. Simply remove the guide and screw or unscrew the punch from Wilson’s unique spring pack. No tools or set screws required.

Fully Compatible.
The Wilson Quik Adjust works with existing Fab style full body punches* and shaped guides. (*Round punches need to be pinned and require a shaped guide to accomodate pin in the punch.)

Increased Grind Life.
Up to .250” (6.35mm) in .060” (1.52mm) material.

No Shimming.
Pre-loaded spring pack for shimless adjustment.