By Sheetmetal Tooling Tech

Ultima Premium Tool Steel.
Available exclusively from Wilson Tool, this advanced steel is engineered to significantly increase wear resistance over conventional tool steels.

A New Level of Performance.
Punches and dies made from Ultima tool steel set a new benchmark for durability and performance, dramatically improving tool life when punching materials that are abrasive or have high tensile strength. Ultima excels in applications where ordinary punches wear quickly and is ideal for long-run jobs. It significantly reduces micro chipping, where cutting edge failure most often begins.

Remarkable Downtime Reductions.
With up to twice as long between regrinds*, Ultima punches and dies substantially reduce downtime and tool replacement costs. Breaking, chipping, cracking, tool fatigue and other downtime problems are minimized, providing long-term gains in productivity and profitability.

Ultima premium steel punches and dies are especially useful for the toughest applications, but are effective for any job. Viability can be determined by conducting a cost-benefit analysis.

*Maintenance and sharpening may differ from traditional tooling. Check with your sales engineer or our salesdesk.