Effex Surface Finish

By Sheetmetal Tooling Tech

The Straight Line on Grinding.
Engineered using the Impax Tooling Solutions® method of straight line grinding, punches with Effex™ surface finish achieve superior punchability and increased durability. Using the straight line grinding method, Effex finished punches are ground parallel to the direction of the punch, resulting in a smoother punch with less galling.

Longer Punch Life.
Cylindrically ground punches are subject to fracture on vertical impact. Effex finished punches, on the other hand, impact the material perpendicularly, reducing their susceptibility to wear and breakdown and significantly increasing punch life. Because straight line grinding produces a cutting edge that distributes force more evenly, punches with Effex surface finish stay sharper longer and require less force to achieve greater precision and higher production.

Cleaner Punches.
Effex finished punches experience significantly less galling than other punches. Punches glide smoothly, reducing build-up of loose particles and requiring less pressure for easier stripping. The result is a cleaner punch with more accurate hole diameter. Easier stripping means less downtime and longer punch life, increasing your productivity and reducing replacement costs.