Lampo - Emergency Response Trailer Unit

By Hydro Innovations

A new class of emergency response equipment has just been introduced by Hydro Innovations. Called the Lampo, the new units are trailer mounted multi-purpose machines designed to speed up and simplify the deployment of emergency response equipment for municipalities, emergency services and contractors.

The objective of the Lampo emergency response unit is to enable deployment of multiple pieces of equipment, using only one vehicle.

At the heart of the unit is a diesel-driven power generator complete with variable frequency drive [VFD], which powers a lighting tower and a rugged and reliable Gorman-Rupp pump. The Lampo units also come standard with an air compressor, discharge hose reel, suction hoses and a robust mounted toolbox.

The central components of the Lampo – the generator, VFD and lighting system are manufactured by quality equipment manufacturer, Euromacchine in Italy. They are housed in an acoustically rated enclosure constructed from powder-coated galvanized steel plates. The Lampo multipurpose units are then mounted on an Australian heavy-duty built hot-dip galvanized double axel trailer and fitted with a self-priming Gorman-Rupp trash pump.

The cleverly designed unit can light up a work area while operators set up the self-priming pump or operate numerous electric tools from the power generator. The VFD allows for soft starting electrical equipment, including the pump, and can vary the speeds of these machines to suit the duty at hand. While all this is happening, the compressor can be driving air nibblers, air-operated nail guns, wrenches or tyre inflators.
The units are available in seven sizes. The smallest unit has an 11kVA power generator, 5.5kW VFD, 61,400 lumen lighting system, 6 litre compressor and Gorman-Rupp T2A60-B self-priming pump. The largest unit has a 100kVA power generator, 55kW VFD, 61,400 lumen lighting system, 24 litre compressor and Gorman-Rupp T8A60S-B self-priming pump.

Units will come with a minimum standard specification, with almost unlimited customisation. The Lampo units are inclusive of a collapsible 9 metre tall lighting tower, with the potential to customise to illuminate larger areas.  The Lampo units can be uniquely configured to suit individual needs and applications, including different size and type of pumps, different size compressors, and a variety of additional equipment designed to accommodate individual requirements.