Lobe Pumps

By Global Pumps

Lobe pumps are positive displacement pumps have fixed sized spaces between a lobed rotor and the pump casing. As the rotor turns, fluid that is trapped in these spaces is moved from the inflow to the pump discharge. The gentle low pulsation movement is compatible with shear sensitive products, or fluids with a high percentage of solids. They can handle pressures up to 34 Bar and are available in sizes that produce flow rate of 604 cubic meters per hour. They are ideal for food applications because they can be cleaned/steamed in place. Additionally, they are also ideally suited for mining applications due to their low maintenance and ability to pump water or ultra thick slurries. Like other positive displacement pumps, lobe pumps can be run in either direction to clear chokes or clean lines. Their compact design is useful in situations where space savings is important.