Super T Series

By Hydro Innovations

The Gorman-Rupp Super T Series self priming centrifugal pump is specifically designed for municipal sewage pumping and industrial waste water applications. These pumps can be mounted high and dry above the wet well [up to 7.6 metres], giving operators safe and easy access for monitoring or repair.


All Super T series pumps are fitted with rugged two-vane solids handling impellers. They are designed with pump-out vanes on the back cover to minimize the collection of foreign materials behind the impeller therefore minimizing pressure on the seal and increasing seal life. These pumps are fitted as standard with Gorman-Rupp's cartridge style oil-lubricated, double floating, self aligning mechanical seals that are designed for tough solids handling applications. 


Gorman-Rupp Super T series pumps have removable rotating assembly for easy removal and replacement without disconnecting piping and/or moving the motor. A large removable cover plate provides easy access to the pump’s internals for a quick internal inspection or fast removal of blockages.


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