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P Series

By Hydro Innovations

Gorman-Rupp Air Driven Diaphragm pumps are the best and the most cost effective pumps in handling the most demanding and thickest sludge. They are able of operating dry and dealing with up to 70% of high solids concentrations. They are designed to withstand the “high-wear” issue commonly linked with progressive cavity and double diaphragm pumps.


The Gorman-Rupp ADD pumps have the ability to be fined tuned depending on the application. They have exact controls that allow independent adjustment on discharging stroke time, pumping stroke rate, discharging drive pressure, and suctioning drive pressure as suction and discharge air can be different, along with the stroke times and cycle rates. This ability maximizes the diaphragm life to its longest possibility, plus the accuracy of flow rates use and efficiency use of the available air.


They are also designed to easily handle heavy muds when accumulated in clarifiers and settling in tanks as they were built with rugged construction with extra thick pump casing to endure the abuses of the most challenging slurry and sludge applications. They are built to deal with solids up to 100mm in diameter in any of the most hostile environments, including but not limited to chemical plants, steel mills, food processing plants, paper mills, wastewater facilities, refineries, mines, and many other applications where most other pumps just give up.


These pumps were built to reduce stress on the diaphragm by applying air uniformly on top of the diaphragm, which will cause less resistance than spring-operated cylinders. This efficient air cylinder design results to a longer diaphragm life, lesser air consumption, lesser noise operation, and the elimination of the muffler icing virtually.


The best part of these pumps is that they only have 3 moving parts so they are easily maintained and minimal repairs. No need for any special tools to do this. Pump diaphragm replacement can be done in about an hour without having to disconnect piping. Cleaning the check valves can be quick and easy with the use of the “twist lok” handles.


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