iPC Series

By Hydro Innovations

Hydro Innovations presents the newest Gorman-Rupp’s air driven diaphragm range, the iPC Series.


The iPC series pumps were designed to have the capability to vary the discharge stroke time duration, stroke rate and both the discharge and suction pressures separately. Manual controls were included in the standard model to easily achieve this. However, more refined controls that allow remote or automatic operation associated into systems such as SCADA used by Water Companies usually, can be added. These pumps don’t need to add a “plug and pump” capability and separate controls as only a good source of good quality compressed air is all they need.


These pumps are built with heavy-duty construction to maximize life and the extra-thick pump casing can withstand the abuses of the heavily difficult slurry and sludge applications. They are built to work dry on up to 20 feet of suction lifts, and constructed to deal with up to approximately 70 percent of high solids content. These pumps are designed to defeat the “high wear” trouble usually found in progressive cavity and double diaphragm pumps.


They were made to be easily maintained and repaired. No need for any special tools. With only three moving parts, cleaning and servicing will be easy and minimal. Replacement can be done for just about an hour without having to disconnect any piping and check valves can be cleaned quickly without difficulty.


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