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High Pressure Hydraulic Pumps Range

By BVA Hydraulics

Designed to power up your needs, BVA's hydraulic pumps offer various Hand, Air, Electric, Rotary and Gasoline powered models.

Air Hydraulic Pumps

  • Lightweight and corrosion resistant reinforced alloy reservoir
  • Pressure relief valves ensures overload protection
  • Release control valve is fitted with dust cover protection
  • Capable of high flow at high pressure conditions

All position Air Hydraulic Pumps

  • Capable of being used in any position
  • Mounting plate for secure fastening
  • Swivelling hydraulic port for easy connection

Rotary Air Hydraulic Pumps

  • Two speed operation for fast and improved productivity
  • Available with auto return valve
  • Internal relief valves

Single/Double Speed Hydraulic Hand Pumps

  • Reservoirs resist cracks and leaks
  • Lightweight Aluminium alloy construction
  • Internal pressure relief valve for overload protection
  • Load release valve for single acting cylinder usage
  • Large oil capacity to power a wide range of cylinders and tools

Double Acting Hydraulic Hand Pumps

  • 4-way control valve for operation of double acting cylinders
  • Large oil capacity
  • Two speed operation for increased productivity and reduces user fatigue

Electric Hydraulic Pumps with Pedant Switch or Solenoid Valve

  • Quiet operation meets OSHA regulations
  • 2 speed operations allows for faster cylinder advance
  • Full load starting capacities
  • Internal filter prevents contaminants from damaging pump
  • Rugged design meets the demands of industrial applications
  • Precision components to minimise wear and improve dependability

Gasoline Hydraulic Pumps

  • Provides 10,000 psi hydraulics force at remote locations
  • Industrial grade 5.5 hp Honda gas engine
  • Manual control valve for use with single or double acting cylinders or tools
  • Two speed pumps designed for rapid cylinder advance
  • Sturdy protective roll cage for use in tough environments