G Series

By Hydro Innovations

The Gorman-Rupp “G Series” line by Hydro Innovations is made to set superior performance in the industry. The intelligent design of the G Series line of self priming positive displacement rotary gear pumps enable them to last longer and perform better on numerous applications, and providing reliability and excellent quality, making the G series the leading gear pump in the business.


These pumps are recommended for abrasive liquids, paint and ink, thermosensitive liquid, petrochemicals and hydrocarbons, and many more. Designed with deep end feed area that decreases the Net Inlet pressure needed by the pump, allowing the pumps to run faster. This feature provides outstanding priming performance.


The G Series pumps were also built with an automatic idler pin lubrication system to reduce wear by constantly cooling and greasing the idler pin and brushing. They were made with internal seal vent that provides a constant flow of liquid through the cavity. This system makes sure the seal cavity is beneath lower pressure than regular pumps, increasing seal life and decreasing the load of the seal face.


They were also constructed to have a back pull-out design to allow repair and maintenance faster, easier, and cost effective without the need to disconnect the pump housing from the piping. They come with an adjustable no-leak pressure relief valve too to allow adjustment during operation without the worry of any leakage, making it a cleaner and safer environment for the workers. Lastly, they are made to have the most flexible sealing arrangements, manufactured to allow lip seal, mechanical seal and installation of “industry standard” cartridge seals options.


These pumps’ unique features are customary to all their medium-, heavy- and extreme-duty models. Having a wide variety of options always ensures the availability of the right gear pump.


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