Air Driven Diaphragm Pumps

By Hydro Innovations

The RamParts Air Driven Diaphragm pump can handle the toughest of slurry and sludge applications. These pumps are designed to surmount “high-wear” challenges connected with progressive cavity and double diaphragm pumps. Each pump can be easily taylored on site to each specific application because of the easy independent adjustment of suction and discharge pressures and stroke rate. They are seal-less, can run dry indefinitely, deadhead without damage and self prime to 6 metres.

Ramparts pumps are available witha wide variety of elastomers for handling abrasive and/or corrosive fluids, and they can pump slurries with up to 70% solids content. Pumps can be lined for the more severe applications. Flows to 1200 litres per minute and heads to 65 metres can be achieved. Pumps can also handle solids in suspension [to 63mm dia].


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