10 Series

By Hydro Innovations

The Gorman-Rupp 10 Series pumps were the first self priming centrifugal pumps that deal with solids. They were made for serious duty functions where liquids are corrosive or rough. They were designed with heavy duty impeller to cope with severe and/or corrosive waste water pumping uses. Some models can handle spherical solids of up to 75mm and have pump-out vanes to decrease the build-up around the seal area of foreign material. The seal of these pumps comes in multiple options to meet the requirements of each function and each seal is designed to be double floating, oil fabricated, self aligning, and tungsten titanium carbide faced to endure all the hard jobs.


The 10 Series pumps include a large removable cover plate for easy and fast access to the pump internals and eliminate the need to disengage drives or piping. With this, blockages can be cleared faster and it provides easy access to the impeller, seal and wearplate for inspection and repair. They also have replaceable wearplates that can be done in minutes. With only very few moving parts, maintenance and repair is easy and minimal.


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