0 Series PTO Drive

By Hydro Innovations

Gorman Rupp, a leader in Self Priming Pump technology offers the O Series PTO drive. This is most commonly used for aircraft refueller vehicle functions and is known as the mobile vehicle range of the O series pumps.


Offered by Hydro Innovations, these pumps are designed with self-lubricated mechanical shaft seals for long life and reliability. The standard seal of these pumps are Viton/Fluoro elastomers but Teflon and double seals are available on some models.


The PTO driven versions of the pump employ a plain gearbox to add to the speed of the impeller to accomplish the high pressures needed. Their gears are designed to be helical type to minimize noise and the PTO models are offered in both clockwise and anti-clockwise rotation.


They were also made with competent closed impeller that has a customary aluminium or brass construction. For special applications, other metals are also available.


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