0 Series Bare Shaft Pumps

By Hydro Innovations

0 Series Bare Shaft Pumps, available from Hydro Innovations, are designed for several uses such as clean water supply pumps, transfer pumps, and many other industrial functions. With few moving parts, these pumps provide dependable performance and increase your savings in its efficiency and maintenance.


They are constructed with a straight-in suction design and no check valve to help eliminate entrance limitations as they provide improved suction performance when dealing with solvents and other the same liquids.


These pumps have high competent closed impeller made in brass or aluminium but they are also available in other metals for special uses. They come with self-lubricated mechanical shaft seals made in Viton/Flouro elastomers as their standard constructions for reliability and maximum life. However on some models, they also come in Teflon and double seals. Just consult the factory for special functions.


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