SureGrip Test Tool Accessories

By Fluke Australia

Fluke Australia - Fluke introduces New Line of SureGrip Test Tool Accessories

Fluke Corporation, a world leader in compact, professional electronic test tools, today introduced a new line of SureGrip professional test equipment accessories designed to improve gripping ability and reduce the chance of probes slipping from your hand or off the component.

The result of extensive research into professional uses, the new SureGrip accessory line from Fluke includes a full array of clips and test leads with rubber over-molded surfaces and finger-hugging curves for all-important ergonimic comfort and operational ease.

From the angle of the teeth in each alligator clip to the improved strength and insulation in the accessories' silicone wire coatings, SureGrip accessories are built from the ground up with the advice of professional users who require durability, comfort, accuracy and above all, safety in their tools.

All 11 new SureGrip accessories carry 1000 V Category III / 600 V Category IV safety ratings, making them safe for use in the most industrial environments.

The SureGrip family of 11 test tool accessories is available now from your nearest Fluke Distributor. Accessories, sold separately and in packs, include: test probes, alligator clips, hooks and pincers.