Probe Light & Extender Kits

By Fluke Australia

Fluke Australia - Fluke Corporation, the world’s leading supplier of test and measurement equipment, introduces a series of probe lights and probe extenders in four new configurations.

Intended for users who need to illuminate the space immediately in front of their test probe, the Light and Extender Kits are practical in industrial and test-bench settings.

  • The battery-powered Fluke L211 Probe Light sports a flexible plastic ring that slips easily onto any Fluke test probe with hard plastic ring. The kit includes a pair of deluxe test leads plus a carrying case.
  • The L215 SureGrip? Kit with Probe Light and Extender allows you to make measurements in hard-to-reach, high-energy environments or when avoiding live circuits. This kit pairs the ergonomic extender with probe light and the popular Fluke SureGrip accessory line.

“With the new probe lights you can have a beam of white light at the exact point you need it,” said Rosemary Baisch, Fluke accessories marketing manager.