By LSA Australia

Workflow allows companies to automate their business processes, integrating policies and procedures with information flow according to predefined conditions or rules. Workflow is a business process management tool that allows information to pass from one person or department to another through a process cycle. Predefined rules dictate courses of action. Infor VISUAL Enterprise offers master, predefined, and user-defined workflow templates to help users create and ensure a logical, repeatable flow of data.

After defining a workflow, companies can release this design into the Infor VISUAL system where it operates behind the scenes. Various mechanisms notify users of tasks and activities that require action. The system can route information, such as customer orders, purchase orders, or engineering changes, to internal and external participants in the business process, incorporating approval functions along the way. Users can also conveniently track and monitor the status of documents using Workflow.

  • Automate business processes.
  • Route documents throughout the organization.
  • Ensure information stays up-to-date.
  • Shorten the lifecycle of otherwise more lengthy manual processes.
  • Create workflow tasks for users.
  • Initiate approvals for workf low steps.
  • Track individual workflow documents thoughout the process.
  • Assign e-mail notification for workflow steps.