Master Scheduling & MRP

By LSA Australia

The Material Requirements Planning (MRP) module assists you in managing the balance between supply and demand. The MRP module provides a comprehensive analysis of your material situation, including the suggested action to restore balance. It suggests when to release supply orders (for either purchased or fabricated parts), based on the most up-to-date supply and demand information available. MRP helps reduce inventory, increase manufacturing productivity, and ultimately facilitates cash flow.

Working with MRP, the Master Production Schedule (MPS) module translates your business plan, including your forecasted demand, into a production plan using firm planned orders in a true multi-level, optional component scheduling environment.With MPS driving the manufacturing process, you can avoid shortages, costly expediting, last minute rescheduling, and inefficient allocation of resources.

  • Integrate forecasts, master schedule items, sales orders, and firm-planned orders for MRP processing.
  • Choose between various planning policy options including discrete, minimum/maximum order quantity, fixed period, period supply, etc.
  • Explode all assembly schedules into component requirements and choose between including or excluding firmed, released, unreleased, closed, or canceled requirements.
  • Review and implement rescheduling recommendations for work orders and purchase orders based on actual production and demand schedules by severity exceptions.
  • Choose regenerative processing or net change for level-by-level processing.
  • Peg MRP planned orders to the “next” and “top-level” assemblies.
  • Generate material reports with options for netting methods, various sort orders, and other filtering options.
  • Generate MRP by independent warehouses; view supply and demand separately in these warehouses.
  • Consolidate planned parts within the Master Production Schedule.
  • Produce master schedules and forecasts for any level in the Bill of Material for any kind of part.
  • Maintain separate forecasts by customer.
  • Maintain and manipulate the Master Production Schedule forecasts using the Statistical Sales Forecasting module.