Concurrent Scheduling


Infor VISUAL Enterprise’s Concurrent Scheduling feature includes two powerful tools, the Global Scheduler and the SchedulingWindow®, that work together to ensure the most efficient use of your materials and resources and provide the information you need to deliver your product on time. Infor VISUAL Enterprise was the first software system to feature Concurrent Scheduling, which considers both material and capacity constraints when generating your shop schedule.

The Global Scheduler develops a schedule for all firmed and released work orders based on due dates, priority, and resource and material availability. The SchedulingWindow allows you to view the schedule in a full-color, graphical format. Zoom in and out capabilities allow you to closely focus on a portion of the schedule or see the long-range plan of operations. The “Drag and Drop” feature allows you to make adjustments to the schedule quicklyand simply by clicking and dragging with the mouse. Unlike other schedulers, the Global Scheduler details each attempt it makes to schedule the job.

  • Choose finite or infinite scheduling; optionally set individual work centers to infinite within a finite schedule.
  • Verify material availability along with capacity.
  • Use forward and backward scheduling capabilities to make the most efficient use of your resources.
  • Calculate and display critical path and determinant path time lines.
  • Perform a capacity analysis to determine when too much or too little capacity has been allocated to a work center, and when you have excess capacity for a resource.
  • Run “what-if” scenarios to determinethe effects of changes in capacity, load,or timing.
  • Use “Drag and Drop” to make scheduling changes quickly and easily.
  • View the comprehensive audit trail ofscheduling attempts and results.