Advanced Material Planning


Designed to accommodate the needs of make-to-stock and repetitive manufacturers, the Infor VISUAL Advanced Material Planning module helps you increase throughput by ensuring material availability, efficient allocation of resources, and costoptimized scheduling. The Material Planning Window, run in Advanced Planning mode, provides planning capabilities for both real and planned parts. User-defined color-coded demand fences allow you to view the availability of parts for both real and forecasted demand within user-specified time periods by manipulating Planning Calendars.

By showing all demand and supply, including planned orders, the system generates Exception and Shortage messages from which you can prioritize your activities. Using MRP by Warehouse, you can define warehouses as independent and plan parts separately for each warehouse by establishing individual planning factors. This allows full multi-warehouse inventory planning and control.

  • Facilitate intelligent planning, viewing, and managing of parts with multiple Planning Calendars and multiple scheduling date options (i.e., daily, weekly, monthly, etc).
  • Drill down to view item details for customer orders, work orders, and planned orders while viewing summary information by time period.
  • Master schedule planned parts from the Master Production Schedule window, including manipulation/consolidation of customer forecast data.
  • Be alerted to exception conditions and view system recommended remedial actions.
  • Firm multiple planned orders for a variety of parts for a specified date range.
  • Define Planning Bills of Material that include sub-assemblies for real or planned parts.
  • Create alternate Master Production Schedule scenarios via Planning Forecasts.
  • Identify multi-level part relationships and specify the percentage of each subordinate part to the parent.
  • Generate MRP by independent warehouses; view supply and demand separately in these warehouses.