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Wed Apr 24 2019

Sensors Probes and Transducers: AC Transducers

By Fastron Technologies

  • XD10/XD19 and DRIVE series, Current and Voltage Transducers
  • Current, 1A to 300A AC
  • Voltage, 60V to 600V AC
  • 4-20mA (externally powered) or 0-1V (self powered) outputs available.
  • XD10/XD19 series (currrent) are of the fully isolated type with an aperture through which the cable is inserted. (XD10 is 10mm dia, XD19 is 19mm)
  • DRIVE series are for direct connection. (With 5A CT inputs on the AC current type.)
  • Outputs can be summed for generating an output proportional to the average of several inputs
  • Surface or DIN rail mount types available