Operator Terminals

By Pilz
  • Operating and Monitoring

Systems that can be used to visualise and influence the process serve as a link between operator and machine. When an error occurs, diagnostics on the plant and machinery play a special role. Good diagnostics also mean shorter downtimes and therefore increased cost effectiveness. Opt for diagnostic and visualisation devices from Pilz.

You can also increase the system availability and reliability of your plant by using Pilz control and signal devices, which guarantee maximum safety for man and machine.

Control and Signalling Devices

Safe all round

Selection of the correct control/signal device is a key factor for the safety of man and machine. Rely on a safe solution with Pilz E-STOP pushbuttons, muting lamps and manually operated control devices.

Diagnostics and visualisation devices

PMI "Pilz Machine Interface" diagnostic and operator terminals provide a wide range of options with which to design your visualisation projects. And when the framework conditions change, with PMI you can adapt your projects to the new conditions flexibly at any time.

These robust units are "Made in Germany" for a rugged industrial environment, and thanks to their ventilation-free technology, they're maintenance-free.