Frequency Converters: VLT® 5000 Series

By Danfoss

The VLT® 5000 series suits all industrial applications.
The compact size saves valuable space.
The perfect speed matching to actual load reduces your energy costs.

Features and benefits


Product range
0.75 – 37 kW
(200 - 240 V)
0.75 - 400kW
(380 - 500)
0.75 - 45 kW
(525 - 600 V)
37 - 560 kW
((525 - 690)
Easy to commission and use
If you know one drive you also know the others.
A Quick Menu guides you easily through the limited programming work left for you to make the drive perfect for the job in your plant.
To complement the comprehensive functionality of VLT® frequency converters Danfoss Drives offers dedicated engineering solutions for your application.
Based on the high flexibility of the Programmable SyncPos motion controller we tailor solutions to fit perfectly application requirements.
Built-in RFI
Filters available for the entire product range complying with EN55011, class A1 and B.
Complies also with IEC 61000-3-2 and 61000-3-4 as well as VDE 0160 as regards levels of harmonic suppression. That reduces the dimensions of cables substantially.
The drive has four independent setups.
Marine approvals:
• DNV - Det Norske Veritas
• GL - Germanisher Lloyd
• LRS - Lloyds Register of Shipping
• BV - Bureau Veritas
• ABS - American Bureau of Shipping
• RINA - Registro Italiano Navale
• CCS - China classification Society
• RMRS - Russian Maritime register of Shipping