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Frequency Converters: VLT® 5000 Flux

By Danfoss

VLT 5000 Flux is an extension of the VLT 5000 series.
Full torque control also during acceleration as well as very accurate speed control even at low speed or standstill can now be obtained.
Flux control is the future technology for high performance drives. It provides excellent dynamics and accuracy, suited for drives systems with and without feedback.
The VLT 5000 Flux features automatic acquisition of motor equivalent circuit diagram and provides 100% control of flux and torque, taking the system inertia in account.
The VLT 5000 Flux provides up to 160% torque from 0 to rated speed.

Features and benefits


Product range
0.75 – 37 kW
(200 - 240 V)
0.75 – 355 kW
(380 - 500 V)
Bookstyle and Compact Enclosures IP00, IP20/IP21/NEMA 1 and IP54/NEMA12
Flux principle
The flux principle provides high shaft performance (torque control about 3 ms), excellent synchronizing also at very low speed. Speed accuracy with open loop: +/- 0.5 % (8 rpm) and with closed loop +/0.001 % (0.02 rpm).
Flux control provides 180% acceleration torque (0.5 sec), 160% holding torque at 0 RPM in 60 sec (closed loop).
The accuracy of torque control is: open loop +/- 10% and closed loop +/- 5%
To complement the comprehensive functionality of VLT® frequency converters, Danfoss Drives offers dedicated engineering solutions for your application.
Based on the high flexibility of the Programmable SyncPos motion controller we tailor solutions to fit perfectly application requirements.
The drive has four independent setups.
Marine approvals:
• DNV - Det Norske Veritas
• LRS - Lloyds Register of Shipping
• ABS - American Bureau of Shipping
• CCS - Chine Classification Society
• RMRS - Russian Maritime Register of Shipping
Load detection
Load estimation enables (together with high speed accuracy around 0 RPM) the VLT® 5000 FLUX to handle heavy loads as gentle as light loads. In crane applications light loads will be handled quicker.