Frequency Converters: VLT® 2800 Series

Process Control
The VLT® 2800 series is among the smallest multi purpose drives in the market. Designed for space saving side-by-side mounting. Choose to have it with e.g. Motor Coils, RFI filter, LC+1B filters.
The VLT 2800 is an advanced and versatile drive, easy to operate.

The quick menu includes all parameters basically needed for commissioning the drive. Offers fast installation and service.

Features and benefits


Product Range
0.55 – 18.5 kW
(3 phase 380 - 480 V ± 10 %; 50/60 Hz)
0.37 - 1.5 kW
(Combined 1 and 3 phase 200 - 240 V ± 10 %; 50/60 Hz)
2.2 - 3.7 kW
(3 phase 200 - 240 V ± 10 %; 50/60 Hz)
Variable output frequency between 0 and 1000 Hz
Product safety
100 % short-circuit proof
100 % earth fault protection
Mains transient protection
Switching on input
Switching on output
Galvanic isolation
Designed according to EN 50178
Speed compensation precise stop
Better process control
Same stopping distance independent of initial motor speed
Precise stop
Interrupt controlled stop
Higher process repeatability
Well defined stopping
Counter stop
Accurate positioning
High frequency input (65 kHz)
24 V incremental encoder input
AB encoder input as option
Automatic motor tuning
Perfect match between motor and drive
Measures the stator resistance (RS)
Better shaft performance
Measurements done without applying torque
Checks for missing motor phases