Electronic monitoring relays PMD

By Pilz

The right monitoring relay in every case

Opt for Pilz electronic monitoring relays! Take advantage of the complete range of monitoring relays. You'll find the right unit for each monitoring function. From voltage monitoring to phase sequence monitoring and thermistor monitoring, to name just a few. Reliable electronic monitoring and control of your plant and machinery is always at the forefront.

PMDsrange electronic monitoring relays can be identified by their green housing. The newer generation of PMDsrange relays in 22.5 mm housing offer technical features which guarantee that products can be perfectly tailored to your application and make commissioning easier.


Use PMDsrange electronic monitoring relays to monitor:

  • Voltage
  • Phase sequence
  • Current
  • Insulation
  • True power
  • Temperature
  • Standstill
  • Fault voltage

Real Examples:

  • "Bottling plant" with voltage monitoring:
    Use voltage monitors, for example, to monitor voltage supplies on bottling plants. The monitoring relay ensures that the plant is shut down in a controlled manner. It also protects against an uncontrolled restart.
  • "Rollers" with phase sequence monitoring:
    Use phase sequence monitors to monitor the phase sequence. This will reduce the number of hazardous situations for man and machine. On rollers on which the direction of rotation has been set incorrectly, for example. 
  • "Screw conveyor" with current monitoring:
    Current monitoring is required, for example, on a screw conveyor. It can provide protection against blockage and wear and tear, thereby helping with preventive maintenance.
  • "Hospital" with insulation monitoring:
    Use insulation monitoring in hospitals. In operating theatres, for example, preventive maintenance and advance information can help to achieve greater availability.
  • "Air conditioning plant" with true power monitoring:
    The range of different true power monitors is as diverse as the number of applications. Using the measured true power, it is possible to derive variables such as fill level, volume, torque or air pressure, for example. So it is possible to check contamination, flow rate or wear and tear on an air conditioning plant.
  • "Motor" with thermistor monitoring:
    Use thermistor monitoring to protect your motors from overheating. You can also prevent an automatic start-up. This is particularly important with adverse cooling and when frequent start-up and braking of the motor is required.
  • "Automatic tool change on a drilling machine" with standstill monitoring:
    Initiate automatic tool change as soon as standstill is achieved! It's possible thanks to standstill monitoring. Where you have tools with different run down times it's possible to resume work more quickly. So you can improve your cycle times. Without standstill detection, automatic tool change would be calculated to suit the tool requiring the longest run-down time.
  • Monitoring fault voltage and insulation on "welding transformers"
    In accordance with VDE 0545, welding transformers in automotive body plants, for example, are monitored for hazardous contact voltages and insulation faults. Monitor up to six secondary windings on welding transformers independently for hazardous voltages. You can also detect shorts across contacts and earth faults. At the same time you can monitor and display the correct earth connections. 



Take advantage of the user-friendly features on PMDsrange electronic monitoring relays!

Save space within the control cabinet

The compact slimline housing is 22.5 mm wide. It has high power density and a high functional density, yet it requires minimum space in the control cabinet.



Contacts- Lifelong Strength
Contacts on all relays are designed for an amperage of 100 mA to 5 A. Some monitoring devices have relays with special contacts, enabling them to switch smaller currents safely, right down to 1 mA.


Operation- Purely a matter of setting
PMDsrange units can be set to the required range and operating mode with the aid of a screwdriver. All products have two luminous LEDs, one green indicator for operating voltage and one red fault/status indicator.


  • Monitors voltage, phase sequence, current, insulation, true power, temperature, standstill and fault voltage
  • Certification in accordance with UL, cUL, CCC, Gost
  • Thermistor monitoring relays also have ATEX approval
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 87 x 22.5 x 122 mm
  • Selectable measuring ranges
  • Available in all operating voltages