Decentral products: VLT® Decentral Motor Starter DMS 300

Process Control

The VLT Decentral Motor Starter DMS 300 is part of the Danfoss decentral motor control concept with a common mechanical design. Variable speed applications using the decentral frequency converter (FCD 300) can be used together with fixed speed applications using a starter or soft starter.

The decentral motor switch DMS 300 can be mounted on or near by the motor on the application or on a wall. The DMS 300 comes with a smooth cleaning friendly IP66 enclosure with a robust painted surface.


Features and benefits


Main functions
Start control, including soft start.
Stop control, including soft stop (extended stop time).
Thermistor motor protection.
Electronic motor protection (optional).
Electromechanical brake control (optional)

The DMS unit is made of two separable parts:
- Installation box, which is the bottom half. The installation box has all the mounting arrangement, cable entries, and earthing studs.
- Electronics Module, which is the top half. The electronics module contains all the circuitry of the DMS.
The electronics are protected in small, tight, robust, dirt repelling enclosures that can be mounted anywhere. In this way it meets conditions found in the food and beverage industry, where frequent wash downs are required.