Decentral products: VLT® Decentral FCD 300

By Danfoss

The VLT FCD 300 is a complete frequency converter designed for decentral mounting.
The FCD 300 can be mounted on the wall close to the motor, or directly on the motor. The FCD 300 comes in a high enclosure class, IP66, to withstand normal cleaning methods.

The design offers a smooth cleaning friendly surface without any spots difficult to clean. The FCD 300 comes in a robust painted surface. The decentral design reduce need for central control panels and space-consuming motor control cabinets are eliminated. Reduced need for wiring long screened motor cables.


Features and benefits


Product range
0.37 – 3.3 kW
IP66, a robust and painted surface.
CE, also IEC 61000-3-2, UL, and C-tick
All the advanced and reliable electronics needed to ensure your motors act smoothly, responsively and economically at each command are hidden inside the box lid and plug into connectors when mounted onto the bottom section.
The bottom section contains maintenance-free Cage Clamp connectors and looping facilities for power and fieldbus cables well protected against dust, hosing and cleaning agents. Once installed, commissioning and upgrading can be performed in no time simply by plugging in another control lid.
Protected in a small, tight, robust, dirt repelling enclosure the FCD 300 meets conditions found in the food and beverage industry, where frequent wash downs are required.
Flexible installation
The FCD 300 series facilitates internal power line looping.
Terminals for 4 mm2 power cables inside the enclosure allows connection of up to 10+ units.
Decentral drives are complete variable speed drives to be set up and controlled through a remote control panel or through fieldbus communication and Danfoss’ dedicated MCT 10 set-up software.