pH and DO sensors

By Mettler-Toledo Limited

With the new Digital ISM series, INGOLD introduces a new line of pH and Oxygen measurement loops that are easy to maintain and allow cost-efficient predictive maintenance

The ISM technology (Intelligent Sensor Management®), a new breakthrough technology from METTLER TOLEDO, allows users of process analytical equipment to significantly reduce the maintenance costs of loops, while increasing the safety of the production process. Sensors equipped with ISM are continuously monitored for defects and wear, and anticipating failure before it happens. Whereas conventional sensors need careful and time-consuming calibration in the field, sensor replacement with ISM sensors pre-calibrated with the lab calibration tool takes place in seconds.

By delivering online pH and DO sensor status data to the transmitter, an ISM measurement loop is more reliable and generates less maintenance costs than a conventional equivalent loop. For pH loops, predictive maintenance is easy with the adaptive calibration timer that calculates the time to the next calibration, based on the actual sensor load, and the real-time wear of the sensor. Moreover, it enables electronic documentation of the sensor operation, thereby reducing errors and time-consuming paperwork.

ISM-enabled sensors are digital, with integrated electronics for signal conditioning in the sensor head. The fully digital and low-impedance signal transmission secures a trouble-free, humidity-insensitive communication with the transmitter M700.

The ISM technology is available on a wide portfolio of pH and Oxygen sensors, including the InPro 3250, the first pre-pressurized pH electrode with liquid electrolyte, and the InPro 6850 oxygen probe, with its advanced 3-electrode system.

Moreover, ISM can be seamlessly integrated into a process control system with PROFIBUS® and FOUNDATION ® Fieldbus digital communication.  It will be on time rolled-out to other analytical measurements like optical oxygen, conductivity, and turbidity.

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