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Validyne P61 Differential Pressure Transmitter

By Bestech Australia
  • Validyne P61 Differential Pressure Transmitter

The Validyne Model P61 Digital Pressure Transducer is a digital differential pressure transmitter primarily designed for industrial pressure measurement.

The on-board microprocessor enables highly accurate measurements, as well as improved stability in changing thermal environments.

The P61 harness communication and power through a USB interface that allows for remote zero and span adjustments as well as digital pressure readings in engineering units; psi or inches of water column.

The device comes with the drivers and software required for the above. The device is capable of providing both pressure and temperature readings through USB communication simplifying the application of the data for other engineering endeavours.

The P61 was crafted for a wide variety of low pressure measurements where high resistance to vibration and superior stability through a changing temperature are required. The P61 is capable of use with either gases or liquids at the sensing diaphragm.

The P61 boasts an excellent stability over a wide thermal range allowing for accurate data readings.

The device P61 has a micro USB connector that is compatible with standard USB cables and is powered by a +5 VDC USB that draws only a few mA of current. This digital pressure transducer has a 0.25% FS accuracy whilst only have 0.7% Max temperature error.

The Model P61 Digital Pressure Transducer is ideal for laboratory pressure measurement, level measurements, hydraulic pressures, flow measurements along with many industrial pressure measurements.

The Model P61 is available in Australia and New Zealand from Bestech Australia Pty Ltd. Please contact for more information.