Draft Range Pressure Transmitter

By Bestech Australia
  • Draft Range Pressure Transmitter

Bestech Australia has partnered with Validyne Engineering providing low to ultra-low differential pressure transducers and transmitters.

The Validyne DR800 Draft Range Pressure Transmitter was made for taking low pressure measurements.

The DR800 boasts a “true” full-scale range as low as ±0.25” H2O, making this draft range pressure transmitter perfect for air flow control applications.

The device has an adjustable scale, able to go to as low as ±0.1” and ±100”. The DR800 offers a 0.5% accuracy and operates between a temperature range of -290C to +850C .

The DR800 Draft Pressure Sensor has simplified the zero and span adjustments and uses a programmable circuit board jumper in unison with a 20-turn potentiometer to ensure the zero adjustment performs optimally.

Adjusting the pot and jumper combination, ranges can be selected from -100% zero elevation to +85% zero suppression.

The span adjust has a HI and LO gain jumper to support a better full-scale set point resolution.

This allows for more turns from the potentiometer over a smaller percentage of the span and zero adjust range making the important set point calibrations simpler and much less time consuming.

The DR800 Draft Pressure Transmitter has an input range of 12 to 45VDC and has a protection for reverse polarity and short circuits. 

The DR800 is a true two-wire system, and has a standard output of 4-20mA. The zero and span adjustment potentiometers are tamper proof as they are protected by a cover plate.

The DR800 Draft Range Pressure Transmitter supplied from Bestech Australia has many excellent features, making it an ideal transmitter for low pressure measurements. For more details, please do not hesitate to contact us!