Prescale Measurement Films

By Bestech Australia

Prescale Pressire Distribution Films utilising the micro encapsulated colour principle can measure pressure, pressure distribution and pressure balance accurately. Prescale pressure film mono-sheet is as thin as 100µm that enables measurement of extremely low pressure. There are 7 types of Prescale available from 0.05 to 300MPa (7.25psi-43,500psi) covering various applications according to pressure level requirement.
Prescale is the ONLY film that measure pressure and pressure distribution in the world. Eight models of Prescale cover a wide range of applications from extremely low to super-high pressures with easy operation. It is recommended that measurements be taken in 30 to 60 minutes after the pressure has been applied. The colour density gradually increases for several hours after the pressure has been applied and then, gradually decreases. 
Easy visual check of distribution/uniformity for contact pressure
Lower cost with no special devices or equipment required
Quick measurement gives an at-a-glance picture
Contact pressure shown with differing concentrations of colour can be converted into figures
Easy digitisation to convert pressure density into quantifiable values
For more details please download  product guide and sheet pack details