Miniature pressure transducers

By Bestech Australia

Miniature Piezo resistive pressure transducer enables precision measurement of absolute pressure even under high temperature featuring extraordinary linearity and repeatability with no hysteresis. Miniature pressure transducers are ideal for research as well as industrial process control applications
Pressure range: 0 - 1400 bar
Temperature range: -54°C to +260°C
Mount method: RTV bond, 3/8-24 UNF-2A, 10-32 UNF-2A
Media: gas or liquid
Pressure Reference: Absolute, vented gauge
Frequency Resonance: up to 1MHz
Non-linearity: ±0.1,±0.15,±0. 2, ±0.25, ±0.4 of FS
Bestech miniature pressure sensors are designed to measure both dynamic and static pressure to a high degree of accuracy. Extremely high output signal and resonant frequency are expected due to state-of-the art silicon diaphragm design and MEMS sensing element incorporation.
Bestech Australia provides comprehensive range of products for pressure, level, flow, integrated pressure-temperature measurements. Covering a wide variety of scopes and specifications, customers can easily find the right solutions for applications by choosing from our wide range of standard pressure measurement instruments as well as custom-designed or OEM applications.
Pressure capsules;
Fully compensated digital pressure transmitters;
Low cost models;
Digital pressure gauges;
Digital manometers;
Pressure films;
Fibre sensing for pressure measurement.