Pressure transducers for general use

By Bestech Australia

Pressure transducers convert pressure applied on the sensing element into an electrical signal proportinoal to the force applied. There are many types of pressure transducer using various technologies such as bonded foil, thin (or thick) film, semiconductor strain gauge and etc.
When connect to an appropriate power supply, pressure transducers output a typical millivolt electrical signal that varies with charges in undertaken pressures. Our pressure transducers have good linearity, stability and frequency response performances.
There are also pressure transducers without compensation electronics such as pressure capsules that mostly used in OEM applications. Pressure transducers are robust and small in size, ideal for applications where short electrical connections are required. Since pressure transducers have no electronics components, they cannot be upset by electromagnetic interference.
High voltage output pressure sensors incorporate zero & span adjustment potentiometers can be easily calibrated
Bestech Australia provides comprehensive range of products for pressure, level, flow, integrated pressure-temperature measurements. Covering a wide variety of scopes and specifications, customers can easily find the right solutions for applications by choosing from our wide range of standard pressure measurement instruments as well as custom-designed or OEM applications.
Pressure capsules;
Low cost models;
Digital pressure gauges;
Digital manometers;
Pressure films;
Fibre sensing for pressure measurement.