By Swift Metal Services

Swift Metal Services has a comprehensive metal stamping and pressing facility.

 With presses and stamping machines ranging from 5 capacity and up, semi-automated and fully automatic coil fed lines, hydraulic and mechanical press styles – Swift Metal Services have the press metal stamping equipment to suit all your requirements.

Our commitment to staying at the cutting edge of technology means that Swift has the machinery to produce your pressed parts very quickly, precisely and cost effectively.

Our press range offers a breadth of shut heights, stroke lengths and table sizes, meaning that we can accommodate a press tool of almost any size and configuration.

As a specialist press & metal stamping facility, we take the utmost care of our clients tooling. Each and every metal stamping tool is serial numbered & routine tool maintenance is a complimentary service. Should you require a new metal pressing tool, major overhaul to existing tooling or tooling advice – our in house tool room team is there to assist.

What’s more, you get the benefit of technical expertise that our technically sound and industry expert professionals posses by investing theirs hours into constant research and development to make you sure of to maintaining and improving the process and quality metal stamping and pressing efficiently.

We will provide you with prompt quotations, fast delivery and high quality workmanship. So for all your metal stamping, metal pressing and manufacturing requirements, contact Swift Metal today.