Wilson Magnetic Squaring Arm

By Sheetmetal Tooling Tech

The Magnetic Squaring Arm from Wilson Tool is a flexible tool enabling you to get more parts through your press brake with higher accuracy.

Simple and quick to fit
The arm attaches to the die with a powerful magnet. There are no screws to be tightened or fastening tools required. The Magnetic Squaring Arm attaches to any press brake die having a flat vertical surface.

Bending parts at an angle
The Magnetic Squaring arm can be adjusted from 0o to 90o, and is available in left handed or right handed versions to meet user preference and part requirements. With the Wilson Magnetic Squaring Arm, angles can be set to match the part, ensuring that the bend is consistently in the correct location.

Safety is built in for small parts
The Wilson Magnetic Squaring Arm provides a shelf for small parts, allowing the operators to position the part against the arm, and release their fingers from the part prior to bending to ensure safety.

Can be used as end stop for Z bends.
When there is a Z-bend within the part, it will not lie flat after the first bend because there is a downward facing return. By positioning the angle bar on the opposite side of the slide arm, these Z-bends can be squared accurately.