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Mon May 20 2019

NEP Corrosion Resistant Chain

By Tsubaki Australia Pty Ltd

Tsubaki's NEP Chain is manufactured with a special surface treatment and top coat.

Provides superior salt water, weather, and all-around corrosion resistance and excellent durability. Uses a revolutionary surface treatment with no harmful chromium for eco-friendly operation.

The NEP roller chain from Tsubaki employs an innovative metal coating process that allows a carbon steel chain to be used in wet conditions without corroding. The multi-layer metal coating process is modified for different components of the chain balancing corrosion protection with wear resistance to outperform alternative solutions many times over.

An additional stand-out feature of NEP. chain is that its manufacturing process and component materials comply with new RoHS guidelines on restricting the use of hazardous substances such as Chromium, materials that have until now been an essential component of all high-strength corrosion resistant chain.