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In-Ground Systems

By Cavotec
  • In-Ground Systems

Cavotec supplies pop-up pits and hatch pit systems that supply aircraft with utilities such as precompressed air (PCAir), PCA, waste, blue and potable water and 400Hz power.

These advanced in-ground systems are used on aprons, hangars and remote parking areas.

Tunnel System:
Existing aircraft parking areas at terminals and hangars typically have not been designed for optimal use of ground support services. The result is a clutter of hoses, cables and carts around the parked aircraft. This means that essential services such as 400Hz power, PCA and potable water supply as well as waste water disposal often are sourced far from the aircraft.

When using a full-scale tunnel system with in-ground services from Cavotec all essential ground support services are available very close to the parked aircraft. This provides airports with not only operational efficiencies, but also with the possibility to significantly reduce their carbon footprint.

With the introduction of double-deck, wide-body aircraft such as the Airbus A380 existing supply systems are no longer sufficient, creating even more problems in terms of space, costs and efficiency. Our tunnel system is the long-term solution to this obstacle as more services can be added at a later date, i.e. for potable water and blue water reducing the number or vehicles around the aircraft.

In-ground Systems:
Cavotec in-ground systems can either be used in combination with our tunnel system or can be placed in individual concrete pits, which can be delivered precast or be cast on-site. An optional fibreglass enclosure eliminates most of the concrete work and assures quick installation. Cavotec in-ground systems are equally suited for use in hangars.

All Cavotec in-ground systems have an aircraft loading rate capacity based on Bridge Class F90 and are able to withstand the toughest working conditions. As environmentally friendly solutions they help contribute to the CO2 reduction program at today’s modern airports.

Hatch Pits
Cavotec Fladung’s hatch pit allows easy access to all service outlets, making servicing safe and efficient with the actual service points rising above apron level. Hatch pits are rated Bridge Class F90 and are able to withstand the toughest working environments and are suitable for in and out door operation, hangar or remote parking.