Power Conversion – 400Hz, 28VDC & 270VDC

By Cavotec

Cavotec INET, a specialist in power conversion equipment for aircraft, offers a comprehensive range of 400Hz systems for airports worldwide.

Our equipment includes 400Hz, 28VDC, 270VDC power conversion units, distribution networks with distribution cables, cable coilers and underground floor solutions, and related accessories and technical services.

Solid State Frequency converters (SSFC):
Cavotec INET manufactures fixed and mobile point-of-use 400Hz solid state frequency converter units from 30kVA up to 312kVA. Our self-contained outdoor rated model is specifically designed to mount with smaller foot-print units for configuration in a hangar bay or lab setting or under PBB (50 or 60Hz input).

Cavotec INET’s 400Hz SSFC series, pulse-width modulated static frequency converter provides precise 400Hz power to aircraft during ground operations utilising state of the art IGBT technology. These units meet all aircraft power specifications as well as 400Hz avionics and radar equipment. The unique 12-pulse power topology results in lighter weight, lower noise, higher efficiency, and insignificant input harmonic current compared to any other units on the market. Our SSFC can also be provided with 24 pulse, and with a triple output, 400Hz, 28VDC and 270VDC.

Mobile Solid State Frequency Converters:
Cavotec INET’s mobile solid state frequency converters are state of the art 400Hz units with an output power range from 60kVA to 180kVA, and 12 and 24 pulse design for low input THD.

Our units also include 28VDC and 270VDC output, commonly used for smaller aircraft. Light-weight and trailer mounted, our units are the perfect tools for supplying power to remote aprons.

28VDC and 270VDC (SSFC):
Cavotec INET’s solid state ground power units provide precise regulated 28VDC and 270VDC power. This selfcontained unit is outdoor-rated and specifically designed for mounting on the side of a passenger loading bridge. The self-contained converter features a modern, solid state IGBT design with exact voltage regulation and control.

This design meets all power requirements for the latest aircraft equipment.

Standards: 480VAC, 60Hz, 3-phase input power or
380VAC, 50Hz (or other) input.

400Hz Motor Generators (MGs):
Cavotec INET designs fully integrated 400Hz centralised systems. Our strong R&D capabilities gave powerful added applications to the original MG set designs as we developed the first vertical synchronous MG‟s for greater power, smaller size, higher efficiency, longer life and reliability and the first automatically parallelable 400Hz vertical synchronous MG. Our 400Hz MGs can be supplied with 50Hz or 60Hz power input, 60kVA to 450kVA 400Hz and output voltages are available at 200V, 575V, 960V and 2400V. The long life synchronous vertical motor generator sets are configured for precision aircraft ground power systems and includes a transformer at each gate (gate box) that steps down the voltage to the required 115/200V power.

Our 400Hz MGs meet all power requirements of the latest aircraft, as well as 400Hz avionics and radar equipments. To date, we have delivered more than 3,000 MGs, representing a total capacity of more than 600 megawatts.