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Slipring Columns

By Cavotec
  • Slipring Columns

The Cavotec Group has always been a main supplier of slipring columns to the general industry and automation sector. Cavotec Alfo in Germany and Cavotec Specimas in Italy, both specialized Centres of Excellence, manufacture a wide range of slipring columns for the transfer of power and signals in many diverse applications.

By using stringent quality control measures together with the latest in power transfer technology, the sliprings manufactured by the Cavotec Group are of the highest quality and meet all applicable IEC norms and standards.

SK/GSK Slipring Columns
These units are manufactured by Cavotec Alfo in Germany and are the result of more than 30 years of research and operational experience. By producing standard components in large series, Cavotec Alfo is able to meet both standard and special requirements at competitive prices and with short delivery times. The slipring column itself is mounted in a solid glass-fibre reinforced plastic housing which withstands corrosion and mechanical wear.

KK Slipring Columns
Cavotec Specimas slipring columns are at work in thousands of applications around the world. During the last 35 years these units have built up a reputation for their excellent reliability, flexibility, compactness and extreme resistance to corrosion. Standstill slipring applications often require a high degree of amperage derating which often leads to an increased size of the brushgear. By using the specially designed KP brushes there is no size increase, allowing the KK slipring columns to remain the leading option for applications where space is at a premium.