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By Deanquip Powertrans Hydraulics & Tools

Product characteristics

  • Bellow with four shafts -> shorter mounting length 
  • Torques from 5 to 340 Nm  
  • Bore diameters from 3 to 55 mm, higher torsional spring stiffness, reduced ability for displacement  
  • Lower mass moment of inertia  
  • Tmax.= 200 °C  
  • Non-positive bellow-hub connection-bellow with flanged insert connection up to size 45  
  • Hubs size 55 are welded to the bellow 
  • Clamping hub, double slotted, without keyway, optionally with keyway 
  • Hubs from aluminium up to size 45, hubs size 55 from steel  
  • Optionally available as a stainless steel design