By Deanquip Powertrans Hydraulics & Tools

Product characteristics

  • Permanent magnet coupling  
  • Contactless torque transmission
  • Available from stock with pre-bored inner rotor and unbored outer rotor  
  • Connection shaft to shaft  
  • Finish bore available on request according to ISO fit  H7,  
  • Feather keyway acc. to DIN 6885, page 1 - JS9  
  • Containment shroud made of stainless steel 1.4571 
  • Torque range from 0.15 up to 14 N

The MINEX®-S is a permanent-magnetic synchronous coupling that transmits torque through magnetic forces between the internal and the external rotor.

It ensures a hermetic separation of the drive and the driven side in its main function as sealing element in pumps and agitators. For critical media like aggressive acids etc. it serves as a reliable seal and prevents serious leakages occuring