Filters: SFD Series

By SMC Corporation (Australia)

Clean air or nitrogen applications requiring high levels of filtration accuracy now have an outstanding solution thanks to development engineers from SMC, the world leaders in automation solution and their new Series SFD clean air filter. Designed for clean air environments, the SFD provides filtration efficiency of 99.9% accuracy thanks to its built-in hollow fibre membrane with a nominal filtration rate of 0.01µm. Available in both disposable and cartridge types and with either plastic or metal case options, the filter can effectively operate with flow rates of between 60 to 500 l/min ranges. For ease of operation the cartridge options can be quickly disassembled allowing simple replacement of the hollow fibre filter element and the standard clear resin case, which is resistant to alcohol based cleaning fluids, provides fast visual detection of the filter´s status. In the metal case options, the SFD can be ordered in either aluminium or stainless steel which are ideal for use in atmospheres exposed to organic solvents and chemicals. Manufactured and quality checked in clean room environments, the SFD filter is available with two types of piping ports for use with either SMC´s KP fittings or similar clean one-touch or threaded female fitting types.