Neue Herbold ~ Specialised Pulveriser range for size reduction of plastic granulate

By HBM Plastics & Packaging Technologies

Neue Herbold, of Reihen, Germany, are global specialists in the production of size reduction machinery such as granulators (pipe and profile), grinders, pulverizers, screw-shredders, hammer mills, shredders, polystyrene-shredders and guillotines


The specialised ZM Pulveriser range has been designed for semi-rigid, brittle and impact resistant plastic materials where a consistent uniform powder is required. Granulates of 6-8mm are fed via a vibrofeeder, to high speed rotating disc that creates a powdered product that can be sized from 300 -1000 microns dependant of final processing requirements


The pulveriser is typically used to pulverise PVC, PE, PC and various other types of plastic materials and can process up to 900kg per hour. The final pulverized material when blended with virgin material ensures consistent feeding and processing of the extruders.


Plastic granulate is fed centrally between the fixed and high speed rotating high alloy steel pulveriser discs, with the centrifugal effect carrying the material through the processing zone before being discharged from the machine pneumatically. The particle size of the product is determined by the type of material being processed, the disc construction and the processing gap between the discs.



Advantages and features of the Neue Herbold Pulverisers include:


  • Long service life of the discs between resharpening intervals
  • Fast and easy replacement and adjustment of discs
  • Low residence time equating to lower thermal stress on the process material
  • Cost effective operation



Neue Herbold is represented by HBM Plastics Technologies in Oceania.