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Vented Caps

By STOCKCAP / Sinclair & Rush Pty Ltd

Vented Caps relieve the vacuum created when a hot product cools.

The caps are designed to vent the gases that build up in sealed environments and vents in both directions.

These caps do not depend on any mechanical devices and are easily applied and removed.

Wide Selection Vented Caps:

Unique dip molding process allows hundreds of design possibilities by varying wall thickness, hardness, inside length and surface texture.

ID of Vented Caps: Because Vented Caps are soft and flexible, we suggest an undersized diameter for a tight fit. For example: if your outside diameter is .500” (12.70 mm), use a .437” (11.10 mm) Vented Cap.

Length of Vented Caps: Production Vented Caps are available in any length, in .062" (1.57 mm) increments. Minimum length is .187" (4.75mm). Maximum length is stated in chart. Inside length tolerance is ± .062" (1.57 mm).

Inside length is measured along the side wall to the radius of the closed end, not down the center. For longer lengths, please see our Long Caps section.

Wall thickness of Vented Caps: Wall Thickness "C" is measured .250" (6.35 mm) from the open end, increasing slightly toward the closed end. Wall tolerance is ±.010" (0.25 mm).